The Trans Trailblazer Dancing Samba at This Year's Rio Carnival

Marcelly Morena is one of the first transgender women to perform at Brazil's annual blowout—and one day, she hopes to be samba queen.
Clara Hernanz
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America's Ping Pong Prodigy

Meet Kanak Jha, the top-ranked U.S. Men's Ping Pong player and the youngest American Olympian to participate in the Rio Games.
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Fast Food

Boris Berian Went from Flipping Burgers to Running for Team USA in Rio

Boris Berian was a reluctant track star. He won a National Championship in college before losing eligibility due to poor grades. Trying to get by, he took a job at a local McDonald’s to support his comeback.
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The VICE Morning Bulletin

Republican senators are wary of House healthcare bill, Hillary Clinton is founding anti-Trump organization, regional powers agree on Syrian 'de-escalation' plan, and more.
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carmelo anthony

Carmelo Anthony on the Rise of Athlete Activism

This summer, we crossed the nation with the Olympic captain to explore his role of representing Team USA during a crossroads in this nation's history.
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Hey, Wanna Play 'Mario Kart' on a Giant Lite-Brite Wall?

Obviously, yeah.
Jordan Pearson
Stay Melo

Carmelo Anthony Explores Rio and its Favelas

Carmelo Anthony won some hardware when he visited Rio for the Olympics, but he still wanted more out of the trip.
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A Legacy of Crisis: Rio After the Olympics

Brazil's big bet on the 2016 Rio Olympics has gone bust, and the country has been plunged further into political and economic crisis.
Aaron Gordon

I Spent Seven Months Inside Brazil's Most Notorious Red Light District

Walking around Rio's Vila Mimosa you are confronted with a never-ending parade of vermin, bums, drugs, thongs, bugs, breasts, dogs, women, men, and babies running around in diapers.
Fábio Teixeira, Words by Débora Lopes

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Police are searching for a suspect they believe is responsible for bombs found in New Jersey and New York, the FBI probes Minnesota stabbings as a potential terrorist attack, Clinton loses support among millennials, and more.
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Inside the Rio Rap Scene Calling Out Police Brutality

With the planet's gaze having moved on from the Olympics, Rio's neighborhood rap circles remain a vital venue for protesting police violence.
Angela Almeida and John Surico

Paralympian Andrew Mullin Helped Design Medal-Winning Swimming Tech

The 19-year-old paralympic swimmer has already won a bronze medal.
Madison Margolin