This Is the Smallest House in the World

What is this, a house for one-celled organisms?


Digital Identities: A Photo Feature from the New Issue of VICE Magazine

Seven multimedia artists revitalize self-portraiture in this special feature from 'The Future of Tech Issue.'


Woah, Dissected Insects Make Great DIY Robots

“I dismantle the bugs' thorax and abdomen. They get sorted into groups and then just like with a robot, I attach one part to another until I have the finished piece,” Géza Szöllősi explains.


It's a 'Robotic Voice Activated Word Kicking Machine' !

Give your words an extra kick with Neil Mendoza's curious contraption.


Robotic Sculptures Will Cross the U.S.-Mexico Border

Artist Chico MacMurtrie's new installation "invites the public to rethink the notion of borders in a globalized world."


Meet the Recycled Robots of Parisian Artist +Brauer

Made from old mechanical parts, +Brauer's adorable army fights for adaptive reuse in the name of art.


Robot Art Contest Seeks Machines That Can Paint Like the Masters

A new robotic challenge in the vein of DARPA's prize competitions invites people to build a robot that can paint with a brush.


[Video] Watch Damon Albarn Perform A Solo Concert For Androids

What do 'bots think of Damon Albarn's new tunes? We took a trip to Damon Albarn's live performance for androids at Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation) to find out.


Robotic Drawings Turn Computer Code Into Undulating 3D Patterns

Michael Theodore's scratchboard pictures create curved forms from millions of carefully etched straight lines.


Around The World in 80 Raves: Robotic, Oklahoma City

Bloody panty parties and underage co-eds. Not too shabby for a state we forgot existed.