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We Gave the Covers of Romance Novels an Inclusive Makeover

Photographer Jason Altaan reimagined cheesy, iconic romance novel covers to be more racially and sexually diverse.
Elizabeth Renstrom
The 2017 Fiction Issue

The Story Behind the Cover of VICE Magazine's 11th Annual Fiction Issue

This year's cover pays homage to classic paperback fiction genres, from romance and sci-fi to horror and political thriller.
Matt Schoen
Elizabeth Renstrom

How One Model Dedicated His Life to Getting on the Covers of Romance Novels

After having a professional epiphany in a Barnes & Noble, Jason Aaron Baca resolved to become the next Fabio. Now, he's racked up even more covers than the long-haired icon.
Suzannah Weiss

'Disney For Adults': How Trashy Romance Novels Conquered the World

From the Harlequin Romance novels to "50 Shades of Grey," guilty pleasure books are panned as trashy, cliché-ridden, and anti-feminist. So why are they still so successful?
Elina Penner

How Wahida Clark Became the Queen of 'Street Lit' From Inside a Prison Cell

We talked to the originator of the street lit fiction genre to discuss how she pioneered a nuanced take on the romance novel from within a federal prison.
Seth Ferranti

Sloane Crosley Explains How Bad Writing Is Like Bad Vodka

We talked to the best-selling author of "I Was Told There'd Be Cake" about "girl books," the fucked-up confessional essay market, and her long-awaited debut novel, "The Clasp."
Lauren Oyler

People Are Angry About a Romance Novel Where a Nazi Officer Falls in Love with a Concentration Camp Prisoner

<i>For Such a Time</i> features a "blonde-haired, blue-eyed Jewess" pairing off with an SS Guard.
Batya Ungar-Sargon

Can Ross Patterson's 'Romance Novel for Dudes' Fix America's Masculinity Problem?

The unlikely romance novelist says today's straight guys are embarrassing and should be more like gay men—and that his book will show them how.
Mitchell Sunderland

The New 50 Shades of Grey Book Tells Us Very Little About Male Sexual Fantasies

Narrated from the male perspective, &#39;Grey&#39; is as much about pleasing female readers as the original &#39;50 Shades.&#39;
Leah Prinzivalli

Teen Romance Novels Prove that Kids Love Supernatural Sex Partners

SwoonReads publishes steamy hot teenage romance novels, often featuring vampires and werewolves. I went to one of their recent events to find out why teenyboppers are so obsessed.
Leah Prinzivalli
The Uganda Love This Issue

Looking Back at My Grandmother's Erotic Novels

Heidi Julavits's new short story is a collage of sentences taken from smutty books she found in her grandmothers collection of smutty books in the 1970s.
Heidi Julavits

Romance Novelists Don't Know What Fisting Is, and It's Hilarious

Characters in romance novels are "fisting" their dicks. They're fisting their eye sockets. They're fisting one another's underwear. Authors have a lot of ideas about what fisting means, but what you're thinking of is not in there.
Mike Pearl