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The Agony and Empathy of Pharmakon

Over coffee on a chilly Queens afternoon, the composer explains how panic attacks and a cruel world informed her new album, 'Contact.'
Colin Joyce
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Uniform Struggles to Make Peace with the Dead on New Single for Sacred Bones

"'Ghosthouse' centers around the damaged relationship with a friend who has since passed away."
Alexander Iadarola
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Horror Film Director John Carpenter's New Album Is Streaming

'Lost Themes II' is out with Sacred Bones on April 15.
Michael Scott Barron

'Pulp Macabre': The Art of a Guy Who Used to Bring Severed Heads to the Bar

The art of Lee Brown Coye features the type of work that made fans of horror and science fiction fanzines drool—grisly worlds filled with ghouls, monsters, and morbid anatomy.
Zach Sokol

We Asked a Bunch of Artists to Interpret Director John Carpenter's First Album

"I think albums like these are themes or open-ended scores for people who imagine stories in their heads," Carpenter said. "You provide the images. I'll provide the music."
Zach Sokol

Amen Dunes’ New Record Is an Ode to Failure

Our buddy Damon McMahon's fantastic new record has got the indie rock critical establishment spinning their heads around and 360-degree vomiting in excitement. For once, we agree with them, so we took Damon out for eggs to chat about drugs, cowboys...
Benjamin Shapiro

Jim Jarmusch Taught Me to Not Give a Fuck

You know Jim Jarmusch as the fiercely independent director behind untouchable flicks like 'Down By Law.' But maybe you didn't know that he's a serious musician too? Lately, he’s been making heavy drone/folk workouts that will cast a foreboding vibe...
Greg Eggebeen