Remember Bitcoin?

People Keep Getting Charged With a Crime for Selling Bitcoin

We called a lawyer to find out when selling bitcoin is "operating an illegal money transmission business" in the eyes of the law.
Jordan Pearson
Pro Wrestling

Talking, Selling, And Wrestling: A Conversation With Jim Ross

Jim Ross is the voice of wrestling for something like three generations of fans. Now he's the voice of New Japan Pro Wrestling, the wildest indie promotion out.
Ian Williams

From Broken Roofs to Broken Marriages: Meeting Some of the Most Obsessive Vinyl Hoarders

Welcome to a world where people make huge sacrifices just to feed their engrossing love for music.
Oobah Butler

What Fracking and Oxycodone Taught Me About Life Choices

What are the small transgressions that turn nice people into criminals? To find out, we asked a fracker turned convicted drug dealer.
Charlie Braithwaite

What It's Like to Pay Your Way Through College with Sex Work

A new study reports that one in 20 British students have engaged in some kind of sex work—we talked to a few that have about their experiences.
As told to Niamh McIntyre

A Guy from Britain's 'X Factor' Is Selling Himself on Webcam to Fund His Next Album

If you're lonely and need someone to talk to, or you really love the 2005 winner of "The X Factor," I have a great deal for you.
Roisin Kiberd
Motherboard Blog

Those Craigslist Drug Dealers Should Have Used the Dark Web

Plenty of people have used Craigslist to hunt down and entrust perfectly amicable roommates (check), to sell cars that were worth less than the work they needed (check), to buy $2 seats to Mets games (check, Shea days), and to trade a bunch of other...
Daniel Stuckey