sex work

Everything You Find in a Sex Worker’s Home

A photographer reveals the telling items she has seen in the homes of sex workers across Canada.
Allison Tierney

What I've Learned from Working as a Lesbian Escort

"Straight women who've never had gay sex often want to try everything at once. One second they want to eat you out, the next they're standing there with a strap-on."
Red Light

The 'Heaux Mentor' Helping Women in the Adult Industry Rebrand

VICE met up with Lydia Dupra to hear how her job and her clients’ lives are changing with the passage of FOSTA/SESTA.
VICE Staff
sex work

How the US 'Sex Trafficking' Crackdown Is Hurting Sex Workers in Canada

The effects of the Trump-signed SESTA/FOSTA are much more far-reaching than you would expect.
Allison Tierney
sex work

Bourbon Street Strippers Are Fighting Intrusive Regulations

Interviews with the New Orleans sex workers who came out in force to protest a rash of recent strip club shutdowns.
Brooke Sauvage
Avery L. White

The War on Human Trafficking Looks a Lot Like the War on Sex Work

Advocates say vice squads around the country are still targeting sex workers despite an infusion of federal cash and hyped plans to stamp out trafficking.
Sonja Sharp

Losing Your Virginity to a Sex Worker Can Be Therapeutic

Paying for sex can help some men overcome their issues with intimacy.
Luke Winkle

Paying to Get Jerked Off Is Never a Happy Ending

I used to see male masseurs when nobody wanted to touch me. So why do I still see them now that I'm in an incredible relationship?
Ryan O'Connell
sex work

These Sex Workers Are Using Theater to Fight for Decriminalization

The cast of a new London play has diverse experiences of sex work, but they all share a dim view of the police.
Frankie Mullin

How Russia's New HIV Registry Puts Women in Danger

Registering could mean rampant discrimination, but not registering could mean sacrificing treatment.
Alex Kopel
sex work

Is Police Culture Set Up to Fail Sex Workers?

Even in Vancouver, where sex work is “not an enforcement priority,” sex assault charges against a high-profile anti-exploitation detective show little has changed.
Sarah Berman

Sex Workers Expect to Struggle After the Backpage Crackdown

The feds said the site's "adult" section was a cesspool of sex trafficking, but people in the industry saw it as the best, safest way to find work.
Michael Patrick Welch