Trump’s military buildup in Afghanistan really isn't stopping the Taliban

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction report undercuts the U.S. military’s more optimistic spin in recent months.


The Pentagon Spent $60 Million on a Power Station in Afghanistan that Doesn’t Work

The US Army Corps of Engineers built an unsafe power station that isn’t even connected to a power source.


America Wasted $160 Million Trying to Get Afghanistan to Use E-Payments

Will that be cash, charge, or bribe?


The US Poured Taxpayer Money Into Terrible Construction Projects in Afghanistan

Among the projects detailed at a Congressional hearing today were a $2.8 million storage facility that's been empty since its completion in 2014, and a half-million dollar firing range built for the Afghan Police that "melted" when it rained.


Pentagon Official Defends Wasteful $800 Million Effort to Build Business in Afghanistan

The US Department of Defense's Task Force for Business and Stability Operations has been an unending source of scandal after audits found that it spent $43 million on a gas station and $150 million on private villas and associated security.


The US Bet Half A Billion Dollars That Mining Would Save the Afghan Economy. It Didn't.

A new Inspector General report reveals that much of the money the US spent trying to build up the Afghan mining sector was squandered


The US Thought One of its Afghan Hospitals Was in the Mediterranean Sea

The US has literally lost track of where many Afghan hospitals are, which could be disastrous.


The US Spent Millions on Afghanistan Clinics — but Many Are Falling Apart and Hard to Find

Nearly $200 million in taxpayer money went to build health clinics in Afghanistan. Now a government watchdog on reconstruction says that many of the facilities are poorly maintained and that their GPS coordinates don't correspond with reality.


Villas, Private Security, and 24-hour Snacks: How the Pentagon Promoted the 'Free Market' in Afghanistan

US government investigators are asking the Pentagon to explain why it spent more than $150 million on security and luxury accommodations for its pro-business task force.


A Pentagon Whistleblower Says He’s Being Punished for Calling Out Waste in Afghanistan

Colonel John C. Hope says his career is in jeopardy because he spoke out against a program that blew millions of dollars on ill-conceived projects.


The Pentagon Blew $43 Million on 'The World’s Most Expensive Gas Station'

A project in Afghanistan that became a Department of Defense money pit is drawing the ire of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle in Congress.