Smart Cities


Will Automated Cities Put Us All On Autopilot?

Autonomous living is closer than we think. We find out what living on the grid will look like when we connect our cities to our vehicles in the second episode of FLUX.
Theo Gibson
The Future Is Weird

Welcome to the Slightly Alien Future World of Terreform ONE

The Brooklyn-based non-profit research and design group is trying to prepare humanity for whatever comes next, as founding co-president Mitchell Joachim tells Motherboard.
Samantha Cole
inclusive tech

NYC's Innovation Director Has a Mission to Fight Inequality

New York City’s director of innovation Jeff Merritt tells Motherboard about how he's working to ensure lower-income communities have access to the same tech as wealthy ones.
Samantha Cole
innovation for all

Your City’s Cheapest Housing Is Also Most At Risk

Motherboard chats with NYC public housing official Rasmia Kirmani-Frye about why public housing is so important to cities, and how smart tech can help it.
Grennan Milliken
Smart Cities

How an Old Industrial Ship Yard Created 7,000 New Jobs

Brooklyn Navy Yard President and CEO David Ehrenberg tells Motherboard how his non-profit reclaimed an industrial workspace and updated it for the 21st century.
Samantha Cole
After Dark

Amsterdam Has a 'Night Mayor' and He's Not Here Just to Party

Motherboard sat down with Mirik Milan, the original Night Mayor, to discuss why a vibrant nightlife integral to a successful city.
Grennan Milliken
Dystopia Now

Dubai Wants to Use Data to Become the 'Happiest City on Earth'

Dr. Aisha Butti Bin Bishr, director of Smart Dubai, tells us about the city's efforts to harvest customer data to improve government services. But who defines what happiness is?
Grennan Milliken
Data Data Everywhere

How Data Can Stop Your City From Burning to the Ground

NYC’s top data analytics guru Dr. Amen Ra Mashariki tells us how collecting the right info can prevent fires and save lives.
Nicholas Deleon

Tell Us What You Want the Future of Your City to Look Like

Motherboard is partnering with Smart Cities NYC 17 to cover the people shaping our urban environments of today and tomorrow.
Carl Franzen
Green Buildings

Chicago Says It Will Make All City Buildings 100 Percent Renewable By 2025

The Windy City wants to switch its municipal buildings entirely to clean energy in eight years.
Meredith Rutland Bauer

Artists Enlist the Public in Building Future Utopias in Two Forgotten Cities

Blast Theory collective is working with cities Hull and Aarhus to transform them as more sustainable and economical.
DJ Pangburn

Is New York City’s Public Wi-Fi Actually Connecting the Poor?

I spent hours visiting LinkNYC internet kiosks to find out if they were helping bridge the digital divide.
Linda Huber