Social Media

3 days ago

Mark Zuckerberg Just Gave Every Politician a Green Light to Lie in Facebook Ads

“We don’t fact-check political ads. ... we think people should be able to say for themselves what politicians are saying”

3 days ago

2020 Candidates Want to Fund a Program Used to Surveil Muslims on Social Media

Democratic hopefuls claim the Countering Violent Extremism program can help stop white supremacist terror. But since 2014, it has been used to spy on innocent Muslims.

4 days ago

Twitter Is Joking About How Much it Knows About You

Dear Twitter, do you actually remember all our tweets?


Feral Hogs Are Tearing Up Texas. So People Are Shooting Them from Helicopters.

Did someone say 30 to 50 feral hogs? More like 6-9 million.


Am I an Asshole for Hating People Who Tweet 'Send Cute Pets?' An Investigation

I asked social researchers why people request cute dog and cat pics from strangers online when they're having a bad day.


Sony Ends Facebook Integration on PlayStation 4

The share button will still capture screen shots and video, but you're now more limited on where you can post them.


A Senior Twitter Exec Has Been Moonlighting in the British Army’s Information Warfare Unit

The bombshell revelation was right there on his LinkedIn page.


The Trump Administration is Relying on Google Translate to Vet Refugees

Immigration and citizenship officials sifting through refugees' social media posts are advised to use one of the free online translation tools


Our Parents Reviewed Our Instagram Accounts

"I can tell from some of these pictures—the one where you've got your glittery bosom out, with the Playboy necklace—that you're proud of your body."


The Carousel Reveal Is the New Way to Make a Relationship Instagram Official

The least intense way to let your Instagram followers know you've found love is also the best way.


Create Self-Destructing Websites With This Simple Tool

What if you could create your own easily destructible website by just visiting a URL?