solar power


Big Rural

In the not-so-distant future, rural America contends with the arrival of Big Solar.


Solar Power Could Still Save the World

Award-winning solar scientist Martin Green says the technology is being underestimated in climate predictions.


Decentralized Microgridding Can Provide 90% of a Neighborhood's Energy Needs, Study Finds

"The new approach could even pave the way for 100 percent self-sufficiency in power, heat, and water."


Wind and Solar Farms Could Make it Rain Regularly in the Sahara Desert

Climate models reveal that renewable energy projects in the Sahara could spark a twofold increase in local rainfall, enabling vegetation to take hold.


How Students Are Trying to Bring Solar-Powered Cars to Our Roads

Solar-powered commercial cars are still far off, but it may be undergrads who get us there.


The Neighborhood Where Google Plans to Kill the Private Car

Inside the internet giant’s plan to build a utopian car-free neighborhood on Toronto’s waterfront.


We Find Out How Renewable Energy Could Finally Overtake Fossil Fuels

Experts are banking on solar and hydrogen fuel as the future of green energy, but it might not be an easy ride.


This Orbital Fruit Roll-Up Could Be the Future of Solar Power in Space

The Roll-Out Solar Array Experiment (ROSA) deployed on Sunday, and will remain open for seven days.


Hawaii is banking on Tesla to help cut its addiction to oil

Hawaii wants to be energy independent before 2045. The state just opened a Tesla owned and operated solar facility in Kauai.


Choosing Coal Will Kill 52,000 People

A new study puts a body count—and a financial cost—on backing out of the Paris Accord.


This Device Zaps Water With Electricity to Make It Drinkable

A big step toward a scalable, energy-efficient water purification device.


The Cost of Solar Power in India Just Keeps Falling

It's now much cheaper than coal.