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The Election Isn't 'Rigged,' but It's Going to Be Messy as Hell

"If you look at other democracies, they think the way we run elections is crazy, with a partisan secretary of state."
Joel Mathis
Vietnamese Food

Why This Chef Is Taking Vietnamese Food to Another Level in Seattle

Some people thought it was a little bit bold for this chef to open a Vietnamese restaurant that had things like crispy frog legs with lemongrass, chili, and a tamarind dip on the menu.
Javier Cabral
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The Governor of Texas Just Called for a 'Convention of States' to Amend the US Constitution

He wants to restore power to the states.
Mike Pearl

The Racist Behind Saturday's Pro–Confederate Flag Demonstration Is Hated Even by Other Klansmen

Chris Barker's small-time Klan just became famous.
Nate Thayer

How a Group of Female Inmates Won the Right to Live with Their Children

When the state of California announced that it was closing the only facility where prisoners could be with their kids, it was the women themselves who kept it open.
Lauren Lee White

Why Juneteenth Needs to be a National Holiday

June 19, 1865, marks the day when news of emancipation and the Civil War's end finally reached the last group of slaves in America. It should be treated with the same respect we give Independence Day.
Chase Madar

Here's What You Should Do if You're Buried Under Private Student-Loan Debt

According to an expert who calls himself "The Get Out of Debt Guy," sometimes the best option is declaring bankruptcy or defaulting on them.
Allie Conti
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I Asked an Expert What Would Happen if I Just Stopped Paying My Student Loans

I don't regret going to school, but I'm $100,000 in the hole. Is there any way out?
Allie Conti

Is This Aging South Florida Power Plant a Disaster Waiting to Happen?

Critics say that the Turkey Point facility is in danger thanks to rising sea levels and four decades of wear and tear.
​Jon Silman
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Watch a 91-Year-Old Fulfill His Lifelong Dream of Driving Through a Garage Door

"Just live life to the extreme," the nonagenarian said afterward.
Allie Conti
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Airport Security Is Apparently Not Very Good at Detecting Weapons or Explosives

In a test, the TSA let 67 out of 70 undercover federal agents carrying fake bombs or guns through checkpoints. That's not very good!
Allie Conti

For Now, the Supreme Court Has Little to Say About the Issue of Online Harassment

The justices ruled today that Anthony Elonis shouldn't have been convicted for threatening his ex-wife on Facebook, but dodged larger questions about free speech online.
Drew Millard