People Told Us How They Found Out Their Partner Cheated in Six Words

"Reading novel he wrote about it."
Anna Goldfarb

How One Local Health Clinic Is Dealing with the Gay Male STD Crisis

Epidemic rates of syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia among men who have sex with men aren't subsiding—and Trump probably isn't going to help.
Kristina Marusic
10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask

Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Person with HIV

"I don't think I need curing. I take one pill a day, and that being enough to stop me transmitting it, I feel that's all the cure I need."
Morgan Harries

Not Being on PrEP Is Making It Harder for Me to Get Laid

Thanks to PrEP, the pill that prevents HIV infection, guys like me who still use condoms are finding it a bit harder to bone.
Brian Moylan

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump got booed for his remarks at a charity dinner, the NSA contractor who stole intelligence files will be charged under the Espionage Act, a Mexican judge approved El Chapo's US extradition, and more.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

STD Infections Are at an All-Time High in the US

Experts believe STD clinic closures across the country are to blame for the major surge in chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis infections last year.
Lauren Messman
Don't Trust The Internet

​Can You Get Herpes from a Tanning Bed?

In our new bullshit-busting column, we investigate the story doing the rounds on Facebook that tanning can give you STIs.
Angus Harrison
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Guys Don't Care About Safe Sex If the Woman Is Hot, Study Says

Men are apparently more likely to have unprotected sex with a women they were real attractive, regardless of how likely they thought it was that she had an STI.
VICE Staff

Canada Is Running Out of Anti-Syphilis Drugs

A national rise in STI rates is partially to blame.
Jake Kivanc
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Super Gonorrhea Is Coming to Destroy Your Junk

It's coming for us. All of us. All of us who don't wear protection.
Carlton Férment

​For a Whole Bunch of Reasons, 2016 Looks Set to Be the Year of the STI

How can STI rates be up even though fewer people are having sex?
Martin Robbins

No One Taught Old People About Safe Sex and Now They’re Getting STIs

Gonorrhoea, chlamydia, and herpes are on the rise among older people. To find out more I spoke to researchers, and my own dad, about sexual health among the elderly.
Chelsea McIver