The Story of the Very First Thing Securely Sold on the Internet

25 years ago, a college kid named Dan Kohn had the novel idea to let people buy things online. The first thing he ever sold was a Sting solo album.


A Swarm of 80,000 ‘Killer’ Bees Stung a California Woman 200 Times

"She had them on her face, around her mouth, around her ears, her neck and her hair."


A Woman Is Suing NASA Over a Vial of Moon Dust From Neil Armstrong

The case is the latest of many contentious battles between NASA and private citizens over ownership of lunar material.


Please, Soak in this Footage of Sting and Shaggy Singing for the Queen

Bow in the presence of greatness—and the Queen of England.


This New Yorker Hired a Hitman to 'Take Care of' His Noisy Neighbors, Feds Say

Apparently knocking on the door wasn't working.


Here's Sting and Shaggy Being Chums and Doing a Medley at the 2018 Grammys

How did this become the most lit collab album of the year?


Sting and Shaggy Have Made an Album Together, and It Probably Slaps

"Don't Make Me Wait," the first single from '44/876,' will help people get pregnant, according to Shaggy.


Texas Cop Who Said Town Was 'Infested' with Cartels Allegedly Worked with Them

The feds say Geovani Hernandez bragged about his ties to a powerful cartel boss and took thousands in exchange for protecting drug runners.


The Invincible, Vulnerable Lex Luger Belongs In The WWE Hall of Fame

Lex Luger looked like a classic pro wrestling beefcake, but the ways in which he was weird, honest, and different were what made him great. He deserves recognition.


'It Will Never Stop': Sex Workers Respond to Raid

After a long sting operation by the feds, the CEO of was arrested on federal pimping charges. While many see the site's likely shutdown as a win against sex trafficking, some advocates fear the move will only push sex workers onto the...


The Outrageous Pro Wrestling-Themed Restaurants of the 90s are Due for a Comeback

If tiny sunglasses are back, then Pastamania (with Hulk-shaped noodles!) deserves a second chance too.


US Immigration Sting on Church Breaks with Policy on 'Sensitive Locations'

ICE agents pretending to be police officers lured Reynold Garcia out of church last month so that they could arrest and deport him, leaving his community in suburban Illinois terrified of enforcement actions to follow.