'The Four Types of Conflict,' Today's Comic by Michael Kupperman

Michael Kupperman explores the four main obstacles mankind is up against.
Michael Kupperman
Zero Context

'I'm a Poet''s most memorable lines from the week of August 21, presented with zero context.
Alex Norcia
the vice reader

My Lunch with the 'God of Story'

We caught up with screenwriting guru Robert McKee, whose new book, 'Dialogue,' proves he should be required reading for storytellers of any kind.
River Donaghey

Matty Goes Duck Hunting Tonight on VICELAND

On an all new episode of 'Dead Set on Life' host Matty Matheson gets some camo and learns how to shoot down ducks.
VICE Staff

Watch the Season Finale of 'King of the Road' Tonight on VICELAND

We reveal the winners of the 'Thrasher' skate tournament in a weird and messy award ceremony tonight on VICELAND.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Donald Trump Is Suing an Ex-Staffer for $10 Million Over a Leaked Story

Sam Nunberg, who parted ways with Trump last August, said his former boss is trying to "punish me and shut me up."
VICE Staff

Why the Villain of ‘Quantum Break’ Is Its Real Hero

Paul Serene is "the bad guy" in Remedy's new shooter. But the way the story plays out, he's more in the right than the hero trying to stop him.
Ian Stokes

How a Local Paper Stayed Relevant by Covering Dildo Deaths, Bullfighting, and Drug Psychosis

The local paper may be dying an internet-related death, but they know their audience better than SEO ever could.
Charles Olafare

Dangerous Unhappy Things: A True Ghost Story

I should make it clear that I have a lot of experience with ghosts. I have been seeing them since I was a child, when a small yellow gnome crawled up my leg and told me the year I would die. He said I'd die of a heart attack in 2019. When I told my...
Clancy Martin

Summer/Autumn - New Fiction by Ben Brooks

Ben Brooks is one of the best young British writers, so we asked him for a piece of fiction. Ben sent this story, which is about a 21-year-old in London who has a cocaine-fueled affair with a 42-year-old woman he met via iChat. Ben told us it's 10...
Ben Brooks
The Fiction Issue 2013


We sat in the recliners. I ate the cheesecake and my uncle ate the carrot cake. We watched the end of a movie called <i>While You Were Sleeping.</i> Then my uncle emptied his colostomy bag, while I sent that cheesecake down the toilet. I drank some...
Ottessa Moshfegh
The Fiction Issue 2013

Case Study 2: Recognition of the Self

When Christopher arrived for his first assessment he was not like a normal eight-year-old boy. When he spoke he used a fascinating mode of verbal communication, lacking the personal pronoun, and transposing “I” with “we.” “We want to go back to Lea...
Sarah Hall