Straight Outta Compton

Remembering Things

'Straight Outta Compton' Is the Most American Album of the 20th Century

Thirty years later, we remember how N.W.A Trojan Horsed gangsta rap into suburban homes.
Paul Thompson
last week in art

A HUGE $4.5 Million Gold Coin Was Stolen from a Berlin Museum

Plus, a a new website helps you protest defunding the NEA by sending faxes of artworks to congress.
Nathaniel Ainley

Surviving Dre: The Woman Behind a New Movie About Dr Dre's Alleged Abuse

In her new Lifetime film, R&B singer Michel’le alleges that her exes, Dr. Dre and Suge Knight, physically abused her. Dre has threatened to sue the producers of the movie, but Michel’le is refusing to back down.
Mitchell Sunderland
Coachella 2016

We Almost Got an NWA Reunion at Coachella, But Instead Just Had a West Coast Rap Party

Ice Cube turned being Ice Cube into a brand, and we're here for it.
Andrea Domanick
Coachella 2016

Ice Cube Reunited Almost All of N.W.A. and Brought out Snoop Dogg and Common at Coachella

From Compton to the valley.
John Hill

Trailer Directors Explain Why Spoilers Are Actually Good

Promo for a blockbuster can start 18 months before its release, so there are plenty of trailers for movie fans to sink their teeth into. But what's the secret of one that sticks?
Amelia Dimoldenberg

The All Def Movie Awards Is Russell Simmons's Answer to the Oscars

We spoke to the hip-hop mogul about the new All Def Movie Awards, which will honor Will Smith and Norman Lear, and feature categories such as "best helpful white person."
Brian Josephs
brief histories

A Brief History of N.W.A. Collaborations Post-N.W.A.

If rediscovering 'Straight Outta Compton' this year left you wishing for more N.W.A., there’s good news: More is out there, if you put the mixtape together yourself.
Andy Hoglund

Why Eazy-E's Death Still Can't Make Hip-Hop Talk About AIDS

Hip-hop's stigma against HIV/AIDs has come to take a back seat to the fact that many of the communities most vulnerable to contracting it simply don’t view it as a problem that affects them.
Andrea Domanick
Woah, Dude!

NWA's Ex-Manager Says Seeing Their Biopic Was Even "More Hurtful" Than Hearing Ice Cube's Diss Track

Speaking about the $110 million lawsuit he's filed against the recent NWA biopic, Jerry Heller also stated, "I have never had a lobster brunch in my life."
Ryan Bassil

No, Eazy-E Did Not Get HIV from a Tainted Acupuncture Needle

Frost's new conspiracy theory is straight outta his ass.
Mike Pearl

​Too Funky for Gangsta Rap: Meet the Producer Who Left N.W.A Weeks before 'Straight Outta Compton'

His name is Arabian Prince, and he was one of the first to merge hip-hop with dance music.
Jeremiah Alexis