Syrian refugees

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Syrian refugees fled Assad’s brutality. Now some are returning.

“We have had enough.”
Amel Guettatfi
Hind Hassan
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This Syrian refugee has been living in an airport for more than a month

​He took VICE News on a guided tour of his new home in the arrivals area, where he sleeps under stairs and dines on donated airline food.
Hind Hassan
Andrew Potter
Laurel Chor
Daniel Bateman

Syrian Refugees' Faith and Narratives Endure Despite Intensified War and Displacement

Miles from the Syrian border, refugees fight to maintain spaces of community and healing.
Mohsin Mohi-Ud-Din
refugee crisis

Child Refugees Are Being Abused By European Border Officials

A report by Doctors Without Borders details the mistreatment of refugees along the Balkan Route.
Kostas Koukoumakas

This Site Helps Crowdfund Money to Refugees Living Without Bank Accounts

Kiva's World Refugee Fund rethinks what it means to raise money for those with limited access to technology.
Sean Hutchinson
Impact Work

#MeWeSyria is Battling Displacement with Social Media Storytelling

This UN and MIT-approved grassroots initiative lets refugees change the crisis narrative by using interpersonal communication.
Nick Chedli Carter
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See the aftermath of Syria's chemical attack

We visit the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun after it was hit by the chemical attack.
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This Canadian CEO is housing and offering jobs to 58 Syrian refugee families

After President Trump announced a temporary ban on Syrian refugees, the prime minister of Canada announced that his country would be happy to take them in. While the government's action alone is respectable, many citizens have taken it upon themselves...
Joshua Hersh
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How Trump's ban is affecting refugee families already in the U.S.

President Trump's crackdown on refugees being admitted to the United States could have huge impact on places like Toledo, Ohio, where refugees have been settling for years.
David Noriega
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Inside a camp for Syrians fleeing the war in Aleppo

Thousands of civilians forced to flee Aleppo are now displaced within their own country. Many are trying to survive in the northwestern town of Azaz.
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This is the refugee screening process Trump wants to replace

Peace talks began last week in Kazakhstan, aimed at bringing a long-term end to the civil war in Syria. But a complete end to the violence is unlikely, and refugees from Syria continue to seek resettlement in the West, a process that can be extremely...

Donald Trump's Latest Executive Order Puts Refugees in an Impossible Situation

Remain in the country and never see your family again, or leave and forfeit your right to return.
Meredith Hoffman