That Dragon Cancer

Dean's List

Dean's List: Patrick Klepek's Favorite Games of 2016

Waypoint High's Top Reporter Patrick Klepek discusses his favorite games of 2016.
Patrick Klepek
The Game Awards

The Game Awards 2016 Highlights: 'Death Stranding', Mass Effect, 'Overwatch'

The Game Awards brought lots of trailers, some awards, and a moment of real reflection.
Danielle Riendeau
VICE vs Video games

‘That Dragon, Cancer’ Is an Important Game That I Can't Bring Myself to Play

I'm grateful that this new indie game is challenging perceptions of video games, but I don't think I could play it without it wrecking me.
Mike Diver

A Reminder that Video Games Don't Have to Be Fun

At Two5Six, video games are an instrinsic part of culture.
Shonte Daniels

Why Video Games Can't Teach You Empathy

To truly understand another person’s plight, to know the shame of being called “sir” when you are in fact “ma’am,” takes more than a video game.
Cecilia D’Anastasio

A Father's Quest to Immortalize His Son in Code

On learning that his one-year-old son’s cancer is terminal, Ryan Green obsessively developed a video game about his son’s struggle against the disease.
Jagger Gravning
VICE vs Video games

The Value of Video Games That Aren’t ‘Fun’

We need games brave enough to make the player upset and uncomfortable, that aren't empowering or traditionally entertaining.
Thomas McMullan
VICE vs Video games

We're in the New Golden Age of Video Games

Forget the retro-mania of "Tomb Raider" and "GoldenEye 007"—the "classics" could never compare to what we're capable of today.
Mike Diver