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Activist Publishes 11,000 Private DMs Between Wikileaks and Its Supporters

Emma Best, a freedom of information activist, has published a large cache of Twitter direct messages between Wikileaks and some of its most fervent supporters, including ones showing antisemitic sentiment from Wikileaks.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Twenty-five-year-old arrested for alleged NSA leak, Qatari flights suspended amid diplomatic crisis, London mayor floats canceling Trump visit, and more.


Visualize the Scale of a US-Mexico Border Wall with Help from DJ /rupture

Jace Clayton scored Josh Begley's short film using 200,000 satellite images downloaded from Google Maps.


The Troubling Metadata Sharing Program That Was Just Revealed in the UK

Through MILKWHITE, low level agencies such as the Metropolitan Police can access metadata collected by GCHQ.


Adnan Syed From 'Serial' Is About to Get His Best Shot at a New Trial

Syed, who was convicted of murdering his 18-year-old ex-girlfriend, is headed back to court convince a judge that his case should be re-opened.


Is Twitter Censoring a Blockbuster Report on US Drone Assassinations?

Experts say related tweets aren't showing up in users' timelines, but the company isn't saying anything.


The Problem With Using Metadata to Justify Drone Strikes

When marking someone for death is like feeling around in the dark.


'The Intercept' Just Published Secret Documents About Obama's Drone Wars

The online magazine dropped an eight-part series based on information provided by an anonymous whistleblower.


How Many More FBI Documents Contain the Phrase 'Mohammed Raghead'?

Heavily redacted FBI documents obtained by VICE News shed light on the FBI's response to a report revealing the derogatory name had been used on an agency form.


What Hillary Clinton Got Wrong About Edward Snowden

Most of what Clinton said at last night's debate about Edward Snowden is patently false.


The DEA Is Tracking All Internet Traffic in Colombia, Hacked Email Shows

In an email dated just one month ago, a Hacking Team field engineer in Colombia refers to a DEA program that is apparently monitoring all Internet traffic in the country. The DEA declined to comment.


The Crazy 'Citizenfour' Lawsuit Ends After One Final Bizarre Manifesto

"We shall overcome," Kansas man says after dropping a multibillion dollar suit against Edward Snowden and Laura Poitras.