The Interview


Somehow, 'The Interview' Is Relevant Now

James Franco and Seth Rogen's North Korea–focused buddy comedy is still stupid, but it feels serious too.
Karen Han
Motherboard Blog

These Are the Cyberweapons Used to Hack Sony

A new report reveals the Sony hackers hit many other targets before the Hollywood studio, and were active since 2009, perhaps even 2007.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
asia & pacific

North Korea Calls Planned Balloon Drop of 'The Interview' DVDs a 'De Facto Declaration of War'

The government of the Hermit Kingdom promised to shoot down any balloons that are launched over the border from South Korea and called activists behind the stunt "a group of hooligans more dead than alive."
Gillian Mohney

Meet the Activists Launching Balloons Carrying Money and Contraband Into North Korea

VICE News looked on as clandestine fighters for a 'Free North Korea' sent hydrogen balloons with a provocative payload over the border.
Michael Moynihan

How South Korean Activists Are Blackmailing North Korea with ‘The Interview’

The battle to get the movie into North Korea isn’t over.
Jordan Pearson
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Myanmar Police Are Reportedly Confiscating Copies of 'The Interview' at North Korea's Request

Local media reported that authorities began seizing the pirated DVDs after a meeting with officials and an order from the North Korean embassy.
Kayla Ruble

Which Countries Should You Be Scared of in 2015?

A guide to the globe's bad guys.
Oscar Rickett
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North Korea Fumes Over 'Hostile' US Sanctions in Response to Sony Hack

The Hermit Kingdom maintains it did not stage the studio attack, claims sanctions show America's "inveterate repugnancy and hostility" toward the country.
Meredith Hoffman
asia & pacific

South Korea Welcomes New US Sanctions on North Korea

The sanctions, which President Barack Obama announced Friday, were an “appropriate” consequence of North Korea’s aggression, South Korea said today.
Meredith Hoffman

Former North Korean Poet Laureate Says 'The Interview' Is As Explosive As a Real Bomb Being Dropped on Kim Jong-un

A prominent North Korean defector tells VICE News that 'The Interview' could teach North Koreans to laugh at Kim Jong-un — an effect "more powerful than a nuclear weapon."
Katie Engelhart

Sony Hack: FBI Doubles Down on North Korea Blame Amid New Doubt from Experts

The FBI is now reportedly investigating the possibility that the hack was an inside job.
Jordan Pearson
The Fear Digest

The Police, People Who Hate the Police, and More Things Americans Were Scared of This Week

Our weekly rundown of terror and fear.
Harry Cheadle