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This Piece of Art Is Made Out of 4,000 Ecstasy Pills

And you could win it by entering a competition whose proceeds go toward a brilliant cause.
David Hillier
Harm Reduction

Meet the Woman Testing Drugs at This Summer's UK Festivals

Fiona Measham, boss at the Loop, is expanding the drug-testing service from two independent festivals to a load of major events around the UK.
David Hillier
Drug Testing

Are Home Drug Testing Kits Actually Helpful?

I spoke to two experts to work it out.
David Hillier
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First-Ever International Drug Checking Day to be Held This Friday

Harm reduction organizations from around the world are taking part in the drug education initiative on March 31.
Anna Codrea-Rado
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Study Finds MDMA May Be More Dangerous for Women Than Men

They are two to three times more likely to seek emergency medical treatment after taking MDMA.
Alexander Iadarola
high society

Watch 'High Society: Ecstasy,' the First Episode of Our New Series About Drugs in the UK

In this episode of High Society, we investigate how the dangers of using MDMA pills can be reduced.
VICE Staff
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Fabric to Review Its Safety Procedures Following Two Deaths at the London Club

The venue will enlist an independent organization for the task.
Alexander Iadarola

Chicago's High-Tech Surveillance Experiment Brings Privacy Fears

A sophisticated surveillance system in downtown Chicago is supposed to improve life in the city, but privacy advocates have deep concerns.
John Dyer