The Rolling Stones

Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

Robert Christgau on a Brilliant Beefheart Trip and Some Early Stones Standouts

The Dean of American Rock Critics reviews Nona Hendryx & Gary Lucas's 'The World of Captain Beefheart' and The Rolling Stones' 'On Air.'
Robert Christgau
Noisey News

Mick Jagger Doesn’t Remember Writing His Own 75,000-Word Memoir

Look, the 80s were probably a blur for lots of people.
Noisey Staff
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In Case You Want Honky Tonk Piano Covers of Your Fave Songs, the 'Westworld' Soundtrack Is Here

Well howdy there pardner! Why don ya get off yer horse and whet ya whistle on a fresh *robot noises*... What is... reality?
Lauren O'Neill
Big data

1996 in Music: A Completely Pointless Analysis of Old Polling Data

Looking back at a time when everyone was mad at Courtney Love.
Alex Robert Ross
Behind The Lens

Inside The Rolling Stones' Trip Across Latin America

We sit down with the filmmakers of new doc 'Olé Olé Olé!' to find out how they chronicled a band that's done it all already, culminating in The Stones playing to 1 million fans in Cuba.
Alex Godfrey
festivals 2016

At Desert Trip, The Rolling Stones Continue to Cheat Death

At a festival dubbed "Oldchella," there was something life affirming in watching a band scoff at their expiration date.
Jeff Weiss
Guitar Moves

Guitar Moves with Keith Richards, Part Two

Matt Sweeney's conversation with the icon continues.
Noisey Staff
At The Movies

Four Times a Year, the Rolling Stones Sing the ‘Cocksucker Blues’

The infamous tour documentary got a rare screening in New York this week.
Elyssa Goodman

Here's 10 Must-See Movies for Music Lovers at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival

From dancehall to Malian singer-songwriters to Janelle Monáe, this year's lineup offers something for everyone.
Tina Hassannia

This Bar Turned Away Prince William for Wearing the Wrong Shoes

Home of the bankers’ favourite “Flaming Ferrari” cocktail and patronized by celebrities and royalty, Chelsea’s Nam Long Le Shaker was an 80s party hub. Today, the daughter of the bar’s late owner hopes to revive some of its former hedonism.
Josh Barrie
Holy Shit

Oldchella Is Going to Kick So Much Ass

This festival features The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Roger Waters, and The Who, and it's gonna rule so hard.
Phil Witmer
Presented By Vinyl

How Martin Scorsese Used Rock and Punk Music Throughout His Career

'Mean Streets,' 'Raging Bull,' 'Goodfellas,' 'Casino,' and more demonstrate how Scorsese creates mood with specific music.
Alex Godfrey