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Third Parties Left 540 Million Facebook Records on the Public Internet

The exposures didn’t come from Facebook itself, but do show how data generated by one company can end up exposed thanks to another service.
Joseph Cox
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Gary Johnson Couldn't Name a Single Foreign Leader He Liked

"I guess I'm having an Aleppo moment."
VICE Staff
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A former CIA operative is running for president to stop Donald Trump

The 40-year old former spy has never held elected office, but he may help Republicans keep a longtime red state from going with Clinton.
Olivia Becker
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Almost All of the 34 Candidates in California’s Senate Race Are Totally Nuts

VICE interviewed some of the more quixotic primary hopefuls livening up the democratic process.
Jemayel Khawaja
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How the Green Party Is Cashing In on the Bernie Sanders Revolution

As the Vermont senator's presidential campaign nears its uncertain end, third-party candidate Jill Stein is selling herself as the next best thing.
John Surico
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This Is How the Republicans Could Stop Trump With a Third-Party Candidate

Conventional political wisdom makes the odds of a third-party outsider becoming president extremely slim, but a pathway for such a scenario does technically exist.
Olivia Becker
2016 US election

GOP Senator on Trump vs. Clinton: There Are 'Dumpster Fires' That Are More Popular

In an open letter to "the majority of America," Republican Senator Ben Sasse said the presumptive nominees are two of the most unpopular candidates in US history.
Sarah Mimms
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Could an Independent Conservative Candidate Really Compete in the 2016 Election?

Maybe what this election needs is more weirdness.
Mike Pearl
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Michael Bloomberg Says He Won't Run for President Because It Would Help Trump

The former New York City mayor says he can't "in good conscience" run, for fear that a third-party candidacy would lead to President Trump or Cruz.
Sarah Mimms
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Michael Bloomberg Says He Might Run for President. Again.

The eighth richest man in the country says he's considering running as an independent, but we've heard that before.
Sarah Mimms
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The Most American Protest Candidates Running for President in 2016

Eight third-party stragglers who encapsulate the stranger impulses and general chaos of the American political system.
Mark Hay