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Maryland Football Players Not Happy D.J. Durkin Reinstated

Several players had strong reactions to Maryland's decision to reinstate head coach D.J. Durkin after player Jordan McNair's death.
Liam Daniel Pierce
college football

The Details from the Maryland Football Investigation are Crazy

Players reported that they were shown videos of serial killers and eyeballs getting ripped up by power drills during meals. The usual stuff.
Liam Daniel Pierce
quantum computer

Physicists Made an Unprecedented 53 Qubit Quantum Simulator

These special quantum computers are able to model physical interactions that are too complex for conventional supercomputers.
Daniel Oberhaus
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This Machine Kills CAPTCHAs

A new type of neural network has cracked a device specifically meant to differentiate humans and machines.
Daniel Oberhaus

Member of 'Alt-Reich Nation' Accused of Murdering a Black College Student

The FBI is investigating the stabbing as a possible hate crime.
Allie Conti

Inside the World's First Ambient Album for Kitties

'Music for Cats' is based on the theory that animals resonate most with rhythms from the womb.
Zoe Camp

University of Maryland Will Charge Students to Fully Fund Title IX Office

Maryland, a school that paid $31 million to leave the ACC and is spending $25 million for an indoor football facility, will rely on students to fund its Title IX office.
Patrick Sauer
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With New Stadium Name, Maryland Tries to Reconcile Its Segregationist Past

The University of Maryland recently removed the name of segregationist and former school president Curley Byrd from its football stadium, reflecting an ongoing national debate over the place of historic symbols of racism in the U.S. today.
Alex Kirshner

A Controversial Study Claims that Chocolate Milk Treats Concussions

A University of Maryland study claiming that a new brand of chocolate milk is a wonder drink for high-school athletes is pushing ethical boundaries.
Hilary Pollack

Magic Chocolate Milk Heals Concussions, Says Extremely Premature Press Release

Chocolate milk has many excellent properties. Healing concussions probably isn't one of them.
Aaron Gordon
The Crown and Sceptre Issue

The New Curriculum: Teaching College Students How to Spy

As the intelligence world becomes more technical and clogged with data, American universities have become training outposts for the military.
William M. Arkin and Alexa O'Brien

Cunt-Punt Cantata: Classical Music Inspired by the Maryland Sorority Email Rant

An internet meme in five movements.
Dale Meghan Healey