New Trump Food Stamp Rules Could Kick Entire Schools off Free Meals

The change at the Department of Agriculture could impact millions of children attending thousands of schools in poor districts.


The USDA Wants to Kick Mixed-Status Immigrant Families out of Their Homes

The proposed rule change would affect 415,000 units managed by the Department of Agriculture's Rural Housing Service.


USDA Scientists Are Quitting in Droves. That’s Really Bad News for Climate Research.

Facing a forced move to Kansas City, as many as 80% say they'll quit, decimating research on crop yields, honey bees.


Scientists Use ‘Breathalyzers’ and Lasers to Measure Cow Burps and Farts

Oklahoma cows belch out about a half-pound of methane daily.


Someone Posted Weed and Viagra Spam On a US Department of Agriculture Site

The USDA blamed the issue on a "web form" that was abused to post spam.


Researchers Built a Cat Paradise for Science

Researchers converted a barn into a cat paradise to study feline contraceptives in a more natural way.


Black Farmers Are Being Forced Off Their Land by Longstanding Government Discrimination

“The unfair treatment of black farmers went under the radar for many, many years. It was not taken up by the civil rights movement, and it should have been front and center.”


What It's Like to Live in America Without Broadband Internet

In every single state, a portion of the population doesn’t have access to broadband, and some have no access to the internet at all.


Trump Administration Getting Closer to Requiring Drug Tests for SNAP Recipients

If implemented, these requirements may affect 2 million people.


This Bizarre Video Game Clowns On Trump's Proposed Pig Slaughter Policy

What's better than shooting fecal matter showering from the sky with mustard lasers from a hot dog?


Trump's USDA Withdraws Animal Welfare Rules for Organic Producers

The regulations would have required meat and egg producers to upgrade indoor and outdoor spaces for animals and to improve treatment for sick livestock.


Black Farmers Are Reclaiming The Industry from Racism, Stereotypes and a Difficult Past

Many African-Americans don’t want to get into farming because of its painful history, but a new generation is making the land their own.