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Photos of the Homes Polish Immigrants Left Behind

Following the fall of the Soviet Union, a number of Polish highlanders emigrated to America. They dreamed of coming back to Poland one day to use the favorable exchange rate to build spacious houses in the homeland.


Jesus Christ Is Now Officially the King of Poland

Some photos from Christ's coronation, which took place in Krakow last weekend.


I Got My Car Fixed in a Polish Prison

Warsaw's Rakowiecka Prison doesn't advertise—since it's one of the best car repair centers in the city, word of mouth is enough to keep the inmates busy.


What It's Like to Have an Illegal Abortion

It's a crime to have an abortion in Poland, so what do you do when an unwanted pregnancy could ruin your life?


Portraits of Women on Strike Against Poland's Ban on Abortion

Women from all over the country skipped work or school and went on strike to oppose the complete ban on abortion.


Photos from the Latest Protest in Poland Against the Crackdown on Women's Rights

Under a new proposed bill, women who have an abortion could face up to five years in prison.


Photos of Last-Minute Protests Against a Harsh Abortion Law in Poland

Polish members of parliament voted in favor of an abortion ban on Friday morning.


Photos of Polish People Marching on the Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

The yearly tradition marks the struggle against Nazi Germany that began on August 1, 1944, and ended tragically for the Poles 63 days later.


Cocaine in the Tiramisu: What I Saw Working for a Restaurant Run by the Polish Mafia

Orgies, beatings, and shifty-eyed teenage boys in tracksuits—my time waitressing at the Yangtze was a big, fat cliché.


Why Do Priests Resign from Priesthood?

Father Piotr Dzedzej interviewed former priests about their reasons to leave the clergy.


What Does Poland Think of This Offensive Polish Magazine Cover About 'Islam Raping Europe'?

According to VICE Poland editor Maciek Piasecki, most people in his country don't think it's a big deal.