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German Cookie Fortune Heir Apologizes for Saying Nazi-Era Forced Laborers Were Treated 'Well'

At a recent conference, 25-year-old Verena Bahlsen also said, "I want to make money and buy sailing yachts from my dividend and stuff."
Jelisa Castrodale
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Company That Owns Krispy Kreme, Panera, Keurig Pledges $11 Million to Charity After Nazi Past Revealed

Younger members of the Reimann family, which runs JAB holdings, were "ashamed" by what a historian found in their family tree.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Paris Hilton Took a 100-Year-Old World War II Vet to a Lil Pump Performance

The heiress DJ took Sidney Walton to Philipp Plein’s New York Fashion Week show. It’s 2019 and nothing surprises us anymore.
Josh Terry

How Tattoos Saved These Indonesian Women from Sexual Slavery in World War II

A local marriage tradition in the island of Timor helped these women escape becoming comfort women during Japanese occupation.
Kathleen Malay
Rizky Rahad

Getting Rid of Nazi Memorabilia Is Harder Than It Sounds

What do you do when your mom wants to sell your grandfather's Nazi-killing trophies, but she lives in the middle of deep-red Florida?
Allie Conti

The 21-Year-Old Sentenced to Death for Speaking Out Against the Nazis

As the only woman co-founder of the legendary White Rose resistance group, Sophie Scholl spread anti-Nazi propaganda across Germany at the height of the Holocaust.
Christobel Hastings

'Sabu the Bruiser,' Today's Comic by Tadao Tsuge

An ex-kamikaze pilot remembers his days as a World War II pilot in this comic by alternative manga legend Tadao Tsuge. Make sure to read from right to left.
Tadao Tsuge

Portraits of Europe's Remaining Holocaust Survivors

"My cousin, aunt, and uncle were all murdered.​ I didn't deserve to survive. I didn't deserve to be so fortunate."
Kamil Biedermann
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A German Called the Cops over a Bomb That Was Actually Just a Giant Zucchini

Police decided not to bring in the bomb squad after realizing the explosive was edible.
Drew Schwartz

Why the Piloted Flight Speed Record Hasn’t Been Broken in 50 Years

It all goes back to the history of the X-15 A-2, an unmistakable rocket-powered product of its moment.
Caroline Haskins
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Roger That: A Short History of the Walkie Talkie

The lineage of the walkie-talkie reaches from World War II to the modern cell phone, and even inspired a major cell network.
Ernie Smith
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The Forgotten Female Sniper Who Killed 75 Nazis

Read an excerpt from Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alexievich's breathtaking new book, 'The Unwomanly Face of War: An Oral History of Women in World War II.'
Svetlana Alexievich