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2014 in Review

Vote in Noisey's 2014 Reader Poll

Year-end lists suck. Help make ours suck less by voting in our Reader Poll.

Year-end lists (even ours) suck. Invariably, they consist of the inane chatter of a cabal of involuntarily celibate, elitist nerds telling you which albums you should have listened to during the year, instead of you being able to tell the world what you listened to this year. That sucks, and we’re sorry. As the mouth-breathing troglodytes who spend all year imposing our music tastes upon you, we’ve decided to listen to what you have to say for a change. Welcome to the first annual Noisey Reader Poll.


Here’s how it works: We’ll give you a genre* (hip-hop albums, hip-hop mixtapes, r&b albums, hardcore albums, punk/emo albums, indie albums, metal albums, pop albums, and experimental albums.) and a list of records we think you probably liked from 2014. If your favorite album isn’t on the list for a certain category, don’t worry, you can write it in. If you don't listen to this type of music, you can just skip the question. At the end, you’ll have three blank spaces where you’ll be able to vote for your overall favorite album of the year, favorite song of the year, and favorite artist of the year.

We’re amped to hear what you have to say.

If you haven't already clicked somewhere on the link-minefield that is this page, click here to take the Noisey Reader Poll now.

*We know, we know, we know. We didn’t want to separate 2014’s records by genre either, but our computer people told us we had to in order to give you guys the maximum number of choices possible. Something to do with math or graphs or something. Just deal with it, and remember that genres are a construct.