Los Angeles Will Declare a State of Emergency to Deal With Its Homelessness Problem

As of now, though, it's unclear where the $100 million will come from or how it will be used.


A Night Out with Anonymous X

The group is made up of volunteers who hand out high-calorie meal packs, clothes and sanitary products to Melbourne's homeless.


Spice Boys

In 'Spice Boys', VICE reporter Ben Ferguson travels to Manchester to meet some users who have become addicted to over-the-counter substances.


This Is What It's Like to Be Homeless in University

Most students aren't sure what they want to do after graduation, and there's something sexy about that. But there's nothing sexy about not knowing where your next meal will come from.


Meet the Burmese Punks Feeding Their Country's Homeless

Every Monday night, a group of black-clad, silver-studded punks meet under an overpass in downtown Yangon to distribute food to people living on the streets.


We Asked the Homeless of Athens About the Greek Referendum and Possible Bankruptcy

"Whatever happens, I think this bridge I live under will fill up fast and none of us will be getting out of here any time soon."


This Guy Kidnaps Homeless, Drug-Addicted Kids and Takes Them to His DIY Rehab Farm

Ex-soviet soldier turned self-proclaimed saviour, "Crocodile Gennadiy", is the subject of a new documentary. We talked to its director, Steve Hoover.


I Spent the 2015 Blizzard with New York's Homeless

As the streets and subways went dark Monday, the city's growing homeless population settled in for the storm.


New Mexico Cops Are Facing Murder Charges For Shooting a Homeless Man in the Back

The district attorney decided to skip a grand jury and charge two officers with an open count of murder.


Did I Get Away with Drug-Dealing Charges Because I'm White?

I used to deal various drugs to my classmates, their friends and kids as young as 14. I was supposed to go to state prison, but I didn't.


I Went On a Tour of Prague's Drugs and Prostitution Hotspots

Guided by Karim, a former male prostitute.


Manchester's Homeless Crisis Is Only Getting Worse

There's only one night shelter in the entire city and charities are being stretched to their limits.