• Why I Love My Meds

    As someone who goes into a month-long manic tailspin every few years, as well as more frequent batshit-crazy days-long episodes of depression every few months, I know I need my pills. I take medications every morning and night—they’re my breakfast and...

  • Tao Lin Talks to Tyrant Re: “Taipei”

    This interview was conducted in the wee hours of the morning on the bed of Tao Lin, in his apartment on the east side of Manhattan, with a small party going on in the other corner of the room. This is the first, definitive interview with the author...

  • Legit Speed

    Is non-prescription Adderall ethical, even if it works? A dispatch from the world's largest neuroscience conference.

  • The End, Part One

    Amphetamine Logic is coming to an end. I am better and I will continue to get better, and it doesn't matter to me that you don't want to believe this, or don't understand what it means.

  • Boyle's Brains - Methods of Escaping Eight New Levels of Hell

    These new levels of Hell are largely self-inflicted, and all stem from being out of Adderall. The cure for escaping "Out of Adderall Hell," incidentally, is writing about being out of Adderall.

  • Cat Marnell Does Not Give a Shit

    XO Jane's beauty editor Cat Marnell talks drugs, beauty, and not being into "real girls."

  • The Need for Speed

    Everybody pays attention when our favorite focus drug, Adderall, suddenly vanishes.

  • Farmer High

    Adderall is cocaine for rich people. It's an amphetamine more powerful than Ritalin and steadier than speed.