• I Refused to Join the Israeli Defense Forces

    Late last year, Moriel spent time in a military prison for refusing to live out his childhood dream of being a military commando. Military service in Israel is mandatory by law for Jewish youth. Yet, only around half of those eligible enlist and many...

  • No Man Left Behind

    Photos by Vincent Perini and styling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos.

  • Sarin, PCP, and Colonel James S. Ketchum

    The doctor behind the US Army's psychedelic Manhattan Project, held at the top-secret Edgewood Arsenal facility, has a few regrets. Weed isn't one of them.

  • Zombie Town

    Haiti is the poorest country of the West Indies, and the slums of Port-au-Prince are some of the worst in the world.

  • Full Metal Torture

    Over the recent New Year's holidays, Private Andrei Sychyov's superiors tied him to a chair and beat him continuously for hours and hours, taking breaks only to sustain their drinking binge.

  • Army Rezerve

    I'm in the Army Reserve. I left for basic training about a year ago. I went to Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Right after we finished with basic, we headed straight out to AIT. That stands for advanced individual training.