• God Vs. The Ladies

    The original scriptures—the template which has led to today's incarnation of religion—were written by men during a time when women were property and mystical beasts who occasionally farted out children. This factoid explains the troubling inherent...

  • Flack for Fracking

    A University of Texas researcher found no link between hydro-fracking and water contamination. Spoiler: He's being paid.

  • Is the Internet Good or Bad?

    Without the web, we'd probably be in better shape. But then again, we'd have to pay for porn.

  • Photographic Moratorium - Writing Your Feelings on Pieces of Paper

    After a brief hiatus, our blog of petty photographic grievances is back, back, back, and we thought we'd dedicate the first post of the year to your feelings. Which you seem to have a lot of.

  • Lessons From the Learned

    Jim Shepard is the author of six novels and three collections of stories, the latest of which, the jaw-dropping Like You’d Understand, Anyway, won the Story Prize and was a National Book Award finalist.