Bad Cop Blotter

  • The Horrible Quota Policy Followed by Immigrant Detention Centers

    Though illegal immigration is at its lowest levels in years, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) still has to keep an average of 34,000 people in custody, even if that means detaining legal immigrants who have been convicted of crimes.

  • Wait a Second Before Cheering a Police Shooting

    Early reports suggested that a gunman, maybe even a terrorist, was attacking the Capitol in Washington, DC—but it turned out to be an unarmed, possibly disturbed woman who was killed by cops with her daughter in the back seat.

  • The DEA Thinks Medical Records Don't Count as "Private"

    The Feds say they can peek into any records that are shared with a pharmacist, even without a warrant. This directly contradicts state law in Oregon, so the ACLU and the state are fighting back.

  • Did Police Screw Up During the DC Navy Yard Shooting?

    Some Cops Claim a Tactical Team Was Prevented from Going In

  • Another Unarmed Man Meets Trigger-Happy Police

    Jonathan A. Ferrell got into a car accident early Saturday morning and attempted to get help from a nearby house—but the homeowner called 911, the cops showed up, and Ferrell got shot for no reason at all.

  • Even the EPA Is Using SWAT Teams Now

    An EPA-led task force appeared in tiny Chicken, Alaska, with body armor and guns in order to look into potential Clean Water Act violations, then later claimed they needed to be strapped up because there were drug dealers and human traffickers about.