Barra Island

  • They Don't Really Care About Us

    Unless you want to travel by a ferry which often sails through scenes not unlike the opening 30 minutes of The Day After Tomorrow, the only way to get to Barra Island is by a small propeller plane chartered by British Airways.

  • Offal the Menu

    One of the main delicacies on Barra is black pudding. It’s a tasty sausage of blood, fat and oats. We met a fisherman called Stu and his brother in-law Ian and they told us, over about 15 whiskies, how best to make it. That and another delicacy, sheep...

  • Tha E Math A Bhith A'

    Tha e math a bhith a' fuireach ann am Barraigh, gu h-àraid anns an t-samhradh. Bidh a' ghrian ris agus bidh a h-uile duine a' dol gu na tràighean àlainn, geala agus a' snàmh anns a' mhuir.

  • Tidbits

    They look like baby bird abortions, but these little rock-clinging squidgy guys oooked in garlic butter and seasoned with lemon and pepper is the second most delicious snack on the island after the black pudding.

  • Give Me a Signal

    Depending on How you look at it, Barra is either an untainted paradise or the most boring place in the world. If you’re a retired fisherman then it’s the first one. If you’re a 17-year-old kid transplanted there from the city, then you’re putting your...

  • No More Numtees

    I am originally from Vatersay, which is a small island not far from Barra. The population is about 80 people. My husband Ian is from Barra, although I always thought I’d never get married to a Barra guy.

  • VICE Pictures

    This is the only graffiti we saw on the island apart from on the bus shelter.