Bertie Brandes

  • Twitter Thinks Angelina Jolie Is Nothing Without Breasts

    Unfortunately, there are lots of stupid and insensitive people on the internet, and they're all tweeting the same gag about feeling sorry for Jolie's fiancé, Brad Pitt. I'm fully aware that the internet's capacity for idiocy far exceeds whatever energy...

  • This Woman Who Hates Women Just Made My Day

    Meet Claire Khaw, a British antifeminist who wants nothing more than to “restore the patriarchy by means of establishing a one-party theocracy based on the Koranic principles that will replace the immorality of feminism.” Her hateful madness makes Ann...

  • Wavy Spice

    Valerie Phillips shoots Harlem's new rap queenpin, with styling by Bertie Brandes and Charlotte Roberts.