• Egon the Blunt Getter

    This time, I couldn’t take it. Egon had thrown off the balance, refusing to comprehend the burden that he placed on us, and completely disregarding what we had given him—a purpose. In front of all of us, he spat on that purpose in defense of whatever...

  • Rolling Blunts with the OG Dutch Master and T. Kid

    For this week's Mahal, alongside VICE's other regular weekend column, Weediquette, I hosted a blunt rolling contest between Baltimore rapper OG Dutch Master and New York's T. Kid. After hearing all the hype about Dutchy, namely his rapping skills and...

  • The Shwagman Cometh

    The Shwagmen of Powelton Park were a shady bunch of high school kids who became entirely too familiar with me, my housemates, and our humble home. The most central character was a 17-year-old named Montana, a handsome kid with no concept of private...

  • A Party's Not a Party If You Don't Punch a Fish

    You've never been to a party that even comes close to a VICE party. But we thought we'd humor you anyway by asking you for your best party stories, writing them down, and drawing fun pictures to accompany them.