• «Μαγειρεύοντας» Κοκαΐνη

    Το VICE News ταξίδεψε στην Κολομβία για να μάθει τα μυστικά τής βιομηχανίας ναρκωτικών.

  • Colombia Fashion Week

    Θα καταφέρουν ποτέ τα κορίτσια του Medellin να ξεφύγουν από την τυραννία των ενθεμάτων κώλου;

  • Taking Too Much Viagra and Getting Your Penis Amputated Is No Laughing Matter

    The worst thing about taking so much Viagra that you end up having your penis amputated is that no one will feel any sympathy for you. You will not receive a bunch of cards saying “Deepest Sympathy on Your Literal Emasculation.”

  • The Families of Colombia's 'False Positive' Victims Are Still Fighting for Justice

    I recently visited Soacha, a poor neighborhood outside of Bogota, to hear about Colombia's 'false positives' scandal. The scandal has its roots in the country's 50-year civil war. In an effort to increase their kill numbers, government soldiers...

  • Less Coca in Colombia Means Nothing for Your Supply

    You might think that less coca must mean less cocaine coming out of South America, translating to less cocaine on the streets of places like New York and London. Well, not necessarily. It’s complicated, according to the people who know about this sort...

  • Peasant Farmers in Colombia Are Being Killed for Their Land

    The day before we set off for Catatumbo, Colombia’s ministry of defense tried to intimidate us into changing our minds. We received several emails and were invited to a personal meeting, where we were warned that our safety among the region's locals...