• I Punched Danzig in the Face: An Apology

    Dear Mandy, the fact that I had never heard of you or your semi-literate fan-fiction until you tweeted me doesn’t mean that I didn’t rip off your completely original and—apparently—copyrighted turn of phrase, “the man behind the fist."

  • I Punched Danzig in the Face

    There's an old video that you've probably seen where Danzig gets knocked the fuck out backstage after a show. Danny Marianinho is the man behind the fists that laid Glenn out on the cold linoleum, and now he's written a book about the troubles he's had...

  • What Girls Hate. Haaaaate

    You might be thinking, "Hate is a very strong word." I think hearing this from the other summer camp junior-associate-bitches on the tennis court is what made me who I am today.

  • Glenn Danzig

    Most performers have to span a gap between their public image and their private life, but Glenn Danzig has to jump between two distinct public versions of himself. Think of the disconnect between the cheesy camp of his Mother video and the lurid power...