• Wanna Get Gay-Married in Oklahoma? Be Part Indian

    On October 10, 2013, Jason Pickel and Darren Black Bear were issued a marriage license by the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes' courthouse. Both Jason and Darren have Native American heritage, one of their tribal court’s requirements.

  • Dread Judges

    The Supreme Court is increasingly politicized and prone to making far-reaching rulings that negate laws passed by Congress. You can call the US a democracy if you like, but most of the important policy choices are made by an unelected council.

  • Don't Celebrate the Gay Marriage Victory with a Wedding of Your Own

    To all my homosexual brothers and sisters: I am cheering with you today. But just because we can get married, doesn't mean that we should. Gay culture is new to legal recognition, so, like our first time getting drunk at a high school...

  • Is DOMA About to Be DOA?

    It seems clear that five justices expressed enough dismay at the federal government’s intrusion into an essential state function that come decision time, DOMA will be DOA. In the long-term jurisprudence of gay marriage, however, the Prop 8 decision...