• One in the Oven

    Richard Kern and I drove out to the East Hampton family home of Jemima Kirke, the star of HBO's 'Girls,' to photograph her at eight months pregnant. I also chatted with her about the time we did key bumps together in a bathroom, dating assholes, and...

  • Our Piss Dungeon Has Hit the Big Time!

    You all remember The Piss Dungeon, right? The story we broke back in March about a guy we knew who found a masturbating piss-fetishist hiding behind the urinals of a London pub so that men would piss onto his face without knowing it? Well, the Sun just...

  • Off Hollywood - Angelyne

    "As a child, I wanted to save the world. My dream was to get the chance to sit on the President’s lap and be so cute and say, 'No more war.'"

  • Psychopathic Fame Monsters

    Making a movie about the Canadian cannibal psycho killer currently monopolizing the media’s morbid attention would be redundant.

  • My Parents Know More Than You - What Does Famous Mean?

    I don't know what fame is anymore. I blame my parents.

  • Karl Lagerfeld

    When Vice called me last month with an out-of-the-blue offer to fly to Paris and interview the Kaiser himself, Karl Lagerfeld - creative director of the $10 billion Chanel empire, the house of Fendi, and his own eponymous line - I jumped at the chance.