• Αυτό Είναι το Μέλλον της Θρησκείας, Σύμφωνα με το VICE

    Εάν έπρεπε να διαλέξεις μια λέξη για να συνοψίσεις τα θέματα της θρησκείας το 2015, θα μπορούσε να είναι «φόβος».

  • Editing Homophobia out of the “Islamic Tradition”

    Slave rape, marital rape, and plural marriage might be unpleasant to consider as part of Islamic sexuality, but they are deeply embedded in our established sources. But I do not believe that Islamic tradition is frozen in stone. Every translation is an...

  • Is This the Century of Africa's Rise?

    For decades, the dominant African narrative in the media was of famine, war, and disease. Recently, in light of a perceived economic upturn and a relative reduction in famine and disease across most of the continent, the narrative has changed to one of...

  • Why So Many Booth Babes, CES 2013?

    Sure, booth babes are a gimicky grab for attention. But the gimick only works if the audience is male. And the presence of such a gendered gimick only serves to reinforce the idea that the tech world is largely by men and for men.

  • No Hot Stove Here

    The perpetual nature of MMA's “fighting season” means fans can't luxuriate in their opinions about fights and fighters for too long. Events like Saturday's UFC come around with enough regularity to turn predictions into dust.

  • Next Level

    Futurism isn’t what it used to be. In late-1950s and early-60s U. S. of A., the sensibility was entirely optimistic. The reasonable adults who had infested city-adjacent farmland, creating car-contingent lifestyle paradigms, wondered when they’d be...