• Don't Celebrate the Gay Marriage Victory with a Wedding of Your Own

    To all my homosexual brothers and sisters: I am cheering with you today. But just because we can get married, doesn't mean that we should. Gay culture is new to legal recognition, so, like our first time getting drunk at a high school...

  • Protesting Against Gay Pride Was Super Boring

    The antigay protesters at the LA Gay Pride Parade claim they were there to try and convert sinners. But I saw no evidence of that. They have no interest in passing on a message to anyone. They were there because they're homophobes who enjoy upsetting...

  • Cry-Baby of the Week

    This week: A guy who made his son quit the Scouts vs. A guy who murdered three people over a prank.

  • At the World’s Gayest Party: Life Ball 2013

    Every year, the Life Ball packs a plane full of singers, drag queens, dancers, club promoters, press, DJs, and various hangers-on from New York nightlife's queerer corners and ships them over to the home of Mozart for the amusement of the Austrians and...

  • Gays or Girls?

    Men have simple sexual needs. They want to cum. That's about it.

  • Give All the Drugs to the Gay Boys

    Here's something everybody should know about gay men: We like to disappear. We like to numb the feelings. We like to be anywhere that’s not here. We like to, quite simply, get messed up. And you know what? We’re damn good at it.