• Family First?

    "My gym is my family” is a classic trope in the world of MMA. It’s one of those lines that affords the hardscrabble fighting life some nobility, but it also means fighters who should be fighting each other don’t, and messes things up worse than an...

  • Vice Fashion - Mexican Twinkies

    Photos by Tony SolisStyling, hair, and makeup by Roberto Sanchez for Te Amo

  • Oh What a Paradise It Seems

    Photos by Roe Ethridge; Styling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos and Mordechai Rubinstein

  • Vice Fashion - Night Skating In Old London Town

    Last month I went skating with some friends around London’s most famous and historical spots.

  • Global Trend Report '08 - Helsinki

    Finnish boys are currently shunning color. The only acceptable color is in accents such as scarves or anything made by Henrik Vibskov. Otherwise boys like to camouflage themselves to fit the city surroundings, and the most popular tones for clothes are...

  • Global Trend Report '08 - Antwerp

    Black leggings and ballet flats (with a new ankle-strap twist) continue their reign in Belgium, paired, of course, with some big sacklike thing on top, such as a bright blue designer raincoat (which is completely useless against the rain) or a cute...

  • Global Trend Report '08 - Los Angeles

    Try to put the typical LA tanned, fake-boobed, scumbag Hollywood types out of your mind for a moment. Let's direct our attention instead to the younger and much cooler Echo Park/Los Feliz kids.

  • Global Trend Report '08 - Milan

    The cute arty girls in Milan have gone back to a less-is-more look after last year's disastrous flirtation with all that is neon. Bright colors are now used sparingly and to great success, like a perfectly pink little jacket over a "Comme des Fuck Down...

  • Global Trend Report '08 - Amsterdam

    In happier news, the all-over-print t-shirt has finally died.

  • Global Trend Report '08 - Berlin

    Berliners are keeping things plain and scruffy, which isn't that surprising after an oppressive summer of new-rave neon and glitter. Boys especially are doing their best to make sure their clothes are dirty and torn. It's not enough to be vintage.

  • Global Trend Report '08 - Tokyo

    Tokyo boys are walking neon signs. Like the city itself, the kids like to make your eyes feel like they're on fire. And attention to detail is another specialty. Look closely at Keiji's yellow hoodie here: It's actually two hoodies stuck together.

  • Global Trend Report '08 - Barcelona

    Spanish girls like to dress up to the point where they look like cartoon characters or extras in an Almodovar movie. This is a good and fun thing. Sexy schoolteacher never gets old.