• Gypsy Child Snatchers! (Aren't Coming for Your Kids)

    Despite what tabloid hysteria might have you believe, the child in Greece everyone thought had been kidnapped by Roma actually is Roma. Her parents are from Bulgaria, and her mother gave her away because she was too poor to raise her.

  • Prayers, Pilgrims, and Parties

    Every May gypsies from all over the world descend on the small French costal town of Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer to take part in a huge gypsy pilgrimage, the event is part religious event, part tourist phenomenon.

  • The New Roma Ghettos

    In the last two years, as the Eurozone crisis worsens, Slovakia seems to be scapegoating its precarious minority of Roma—the ethnic group better known as Gypsies. Racist violence, evictions, threats, and more subtle forms of discrimination and...

  • Why Are So Many Gypsies Killing Themselves?

    A recent report shows that travelers and gypsies are in significantly poorer health than other UK-resident, English-speaking ethnic minorities. They're also more likely to suffer from miscarriages and still births, and suicide rates among gypsies have...

  • VICE Mail

    Dear VICE, I noticed the global trend report was missing from this year’s Fashion Issue. THANK YOU. THAT SHIT SUCKED.

  • I Hate Gypsies

    Is that okay to say?