Inside Schilling

  • Some of the Worst Paul Walker Death Tweets

    No celebrity can die without a phalanx of poorly worded, unfortunate, and in some cases, blatantly offensive comments defiling the dignity of his or her demise. Paul Walker is no different, and unfortunately, if you look hard enough, you'll find some...

  • Diet Food Made Me Want to Kill Myself

    I thought my weight had gotten out of hand, so I dropped $250 on diet food to get myself in shape. What I found out is the reason why people lose weight on these plans is because the food is too horrible to consume.

  • The Greatest Airport in America

    Airports in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and Dallas are spending billions of dollars to upgrade and remodel their airports to meet greater demand for modernized terminals, but the best airport I've been to is a small regional in Tallahassee, Florida.

  • I Went to a WNBA Basketball Game

    The WNBA barely registers with most Americans, but for a small band of dedicated fans, there's nothing more important. I decided to check out a game to find out what makes the WNBA so vital for certain people, but the butt of jokes for others.

  • Vladimir Putin Is Charming the Pants Off the G20

    The Russian leader keeps showing up Barack Obama on Syria. There are many theories as to why the wave of opinion is pushing back against American intervention in the Middle East, but maybe it's that Putin is just cooler than Obama.

  • The Fast Food Strike Could Mean the End of Everything

    Across the United States, fast food workers are throwing down their aprons and spatulas, and taking to the streets to demand a living wage. They are now protesting in 60 American cities, but in those same cities, some wonder if their favorite fast food...

  • The 12 Least Overrated Things in Los Angeles

    A local writer took the city to task for being "overrated." Well, I live in Los Angeles, and I take offense to people making fun of all the amazing things the city has to offer. LA has the most pre-war movie houses in the world, some of the top art...