• The Hidden Victims of the Government Shutdown

    Sure, National Parks are closed and NASA shuttered, but for goats that love poison ivy and people who want to adopt wild horses and burros, this stupid shutdown really hurts.

  • If Men Need a 21st-Century Role Model, How About Jesus Christ?

    There's been a lot written about the "decline of men," the idea that economic and cultural factors are gradually turning more and more men into losers who have no positive, masculine, postpatriarchy role models to turn to. Except we already have a...

  • Why Does Sarah Palin Want Your Money?

    Sarah Palin isn't running for office, she doesn't have a TV show anymore, and she's less and less politically relevant. But she really, really wants people to pay attention to her, so she made a video all about how great she is. What a likable woman!

  • I Can't Stop Rooting for Lousy Sports Teams and I Love It

    The way the world works is the Padres lose to the Yankees in the playoffs. San Diego sports teams don’t exactly have a tradition of dominance, or even competitiveness; they’re charmingly, irrelevantly mediocre, except for the rare seasons of...