May Days

  • The People of Hastings Still Do May Day the Traditional Way

    May Day is a bullshit holiday thought up by a bunch of heathens in the BC days. Originally a celebration of spring, it's now primarily an excuse for Europeans to be obnoxious and take a day off work. One place in Europe keeping things traditional...

  • May Day in Berlin Was a Playground for Happy Idiots

    There's something about May Day in Berlin that seems to capture the city's essence. For one day every year, the streets fill with police, bold stoners, and all sorts of idiots—idiots in bathtubs, idiots in gorilla suits, idiots who cut drugs in phone...

  • Montreal Police Are Still Kettling Protestors

    447 people were arrested at Montreal's May Day protests. Many of which were kettled in by police, thanks to the controversial P6 bylaw. We were there to take it all in, and luckily this time we weren't arrested.

  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love May Day

    Putting me in the middle of a crowd chanting “The people united! Will never be defeated!” is a bit like putting the Grinch in the middle of a Christmas choir.

  • Coming Soon to a Riot Near You

    There are all sorts of horrible weapons that could make you stink, cry, and bleed.