• VICE Australia is 10 - Come to the Obligatory Parties

    Enter here to see NY drug-hop outfit Flatbush Zombies alongside VICE favourites Roland Tings, Straight Arrows, Mining Boom, Raw Prawn, Home Travel, Housewives, and Dodecahedron, as well as DJ sets from Midnight Juggernauts, Halfway Crooks, Roman Wafers...

  • White People are Stealing Australian Jobs

    The government is flooding the country with economic refugees from Europe, and Aussie battlers are losing out.

  • ESG Don't Appreciate Your Sample Credits

    In the early 1980s, three sisters from the South Bronx were given instruments by their mum in an attempt to keep them off the streets. The sisters formed ESG, and have spent the past 34 years creating post-punk tinged dub and hip-hop. This month they...

  • Fatti Frances Would Bring Whitney Back Over Michael

    Fatti Frances is the exploratory (and by that we mean deeply sexual) R&B project from former Jemima Jemima, the Ancients and Jessica Says drummer Raquel Solier. She’s performing in Melbourne this Thursday at our Raised Up Right launch party at Liberty...

  • We Saw This: Liquid Handcuffs + Guy and Marcus Blackman Experimentation Project

    Reasons why this show at Hell’s Kitchen on Saturday night was bound to be good: Guy and Marcus rarely play; it was Liquid Handcuffs’ first show; Jack Mannix was launching a zine and the flyer promised cute boys that were young, hung and dumb.

  • We Saw This: Holy Balm

    Usually when a band from Sydney plays Melbourne no one really cares, unless it’s Circle Pit. Or, it turns out, Holy Balm. For an icy evening an impressive bunch of people turned up to see these guys at the Liberty Social. In the city. Since Holy Balm...