• We Had Some VICE Presents Parties

    This week we had our monthly VICE Presents parties in Melbourne and Sydney. They were as much fun as you’d expect from putting a bunch of babes, great bands, and free drinks into a room and turn the music up really loud.

  • Some Photos of VICE Turning Ten in Australia

    We threw two birthday parties last week: a hot and sweaty one in Sydney, and a enormous and leaky one in Melbourne.

  • VICE Australia is 10 - Come to the Obligatory Parties

    Enter here to see NY drug-hop outfit Flatbush Zombies alongside VICE favourites Roland Tings, Straight Arrows, Mining Boom, Raw Prawn, Home Travel, Housewives, and Dodecahedron, as well as DJ sets from Midnight Juggernauts, Halfway Crooks, Roman Wafers...