• What Did You Eat Today?

    How do the waifs nourish themselves to withstand the dressing, undressing, strutting, and running around of New York Fashion Week? And what are the rest of us munching on to have the energy to crash all those parties and stare in silence at tons of...

  • Backstage Bulimia at the Runway Show

    It's hard not to consider purging when the only things you worry about is falling over and looking fat.

  • Crash Landing at the Runway Show

    I make my way into the loft and see half-naked models changing into ridiculous outfits. “You must be Melissa!” The peppy young assistant yells. “That’s my name, don’t wear it out!” I say back to her. No one laughs. She escorts me over to the designer...

  • Fabio Might Have a Lamborghini but He Doesn't Have Love

    The only thing Fabio could have done to epitomize the 90s more was blow Arsenio Hall on the set of 'Boy Meets World.' I caught up with the actor-cum-model-cum-author-cum-fitness-guru the other day and asked him about true love and roller coasters.

  • I Was Communist Romania's Top Model

    If I've learned anything from popular culture, it's that any country that has ever dabbled with communism has been MISERABLE. Everything is built from concrete and soil and people have to marry tractors. So, I wasn't wildly surprised when I heard that...

  • Models and Reality

    They usually don't mix so great.