• Τα Συμπληρώματα Κολλαγόνου Δεν Είναι Τόσο Φοβερά Όσο Λένε

    Δεν υπάρχουν στοιχεία ότι τα χάπια και οι σκόνες κολλαγόνου μπορούν να βελτιώσουν τα μαλλιά, το δέρμα ή τα νύχια σου.

  • Όταν τα Burgers «Δίνουν Πόνο» και Εκτός Πιάτου

    Όταν τα burgers γίνονται τέχνη.

  • Meet the Guy Who Accidentally Shot Himself in the Heart with a Nail Gun

    Eugene Rakow is a 58-year-old self-employed carpenter living in St. Bonifacious, Minnesota. Last week, he was helping his neighbor to build a deck, and ended up accidentally shooting himself in the heart with a nail gun. I called him up to find out...

  • Nailed It

    Getting your nails done normally involves noxious chemicals and boring conversations. But the Nailympics is actually something we would pay to attend. It's a competition between Nailympians and the results are impractical, beautiful, and a little...

  • Waxy Chunks

    Elizabeth Renstrom works to create pseudo artifacts of the disposable culture that every millennial kid grew up with. Her creations are like the moment after you finished putting the last touches on your closet shrine, right before you plugged in the...

  • I Turned Normal for a Week

    VICE recently asked me to become a normal girl for a week and document it. I guess a big reason they asked me to do it is because I take a lot of self-portraits and I can come across as a pretty disgusting person.