New Orleans

  • Defending the Daiquiri and New Orleans’s Go-Cup Culture

    The ultrasweet street daiquiri is the official drink of every hell-hot New Orleans summer, and they're traditionally slurped out of giant go-cups, but this culture is under attack from snobbish city authorities.

  • I Tried To Deport Bums To An Abandoned Amusement Park But It Didn’t Work

    As the government is tackling homelessness the socialist way (and just for the record, the results are looking good) I figured I’d do it old school and deport some bums. More importantly though, I’d answer something I’ve wondered since childhood. That...

  • Odoms and Ballzack Are Kings of the Wank

    The surreal hip-hop duo have never even left Louisiana, but have a huge following in New Orleans—but not as big a following as that of Lil Doogie, a puppet they created that has so many fans he can sell out venues by himself.

  • My Elementary Schoolers Are Terrific Music Critics

    "It sounds like rockstars playing New Orleans style. It sounds like everybody is running away from something. It sounds different. Like people dancing. Good music with rockstars taking over the planet with weird hair. Music everywhere. It’s real fast...

  • On the Death of a Dog I Should Have Loved Better

    I am surprised to find myself depressed upon the death of my dog this past Sunday during our fishing trip on Lake Pontchartain. I am surprised I’m even calling Meshcha “my dog,” as I was never very fond of her, and didn't want her in the first place...

  • On the Road with Tony Clifton

    Tony Clifton is a piece of performance art who has outlived his creator, legendary comic Andy Kaufman, by two decades. He's having a comeback of sorts, thanks at least in part to Jeremy Johnson, a filmmaker who has been working for Clifton—and his...